AshaKiran is committed to educate, empathize and empower persons of South Asian origin and beyond while providing culturally sensitive and confidential services to people experiencing traumatic/stressful situations.


AshaKiran ensures to be a ray of hope towards building a healthy and harmonious community.


AshaKiran has three broad areas of focus-direct services, outreach, and advocacy. Within these some essential services offered are:

  • Ashaline – a confidential and dedicated telephone line served by trained volunteers to provide multilingual, culturally sensitive support and referrals for persons dealing with trauma, social isolation, abandonment, individual or family crisis. 
  • Emergency Shelter and transitional home for persons experiencing violence and abuse. A safe space to help facilitate positive life changes.
  • Outreach on social issues and culturally relevant services.
  • Support with translation, transportation, and accompaniment.
  • Collaboration with similar organizations to provide other support.
  • Increase awareness about available local and national resources in the community.


Random Thoughts

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." ~ Robert Byrne
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